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一名弗吉尼亚州立大学医学院的学生分享他们为365真人体育倡导的经验, increasing visibility and serving as a student leader in the LGBTQIA+ community during LGBTQIA +历史月.

杰拉尔德Coronado 杰拉尔德·科罗纳多(照片:托马斯·科伊西奇,大学营销)


培养未来的医生成为更好的倾听者 已经成为医疗培训的一部分了吗. 他们经常通过听365真人体育讲述他们的故事来做到这一点.

But some of the most impactful stories third-year medical student 杰拉尔德Coronado has heard haven’t come from the classroom. 他们来自于一个学生组织 弗吉尼亚联邦大学医学院 被称为 弗吉尼亚州立大学的骄傲医学.

“They were just telling their story — their experience of being transgender and dealing with health care and medicine,”Coronado表示. “A lot of times they were difficult stories about being mis-gendered or having their experiences discounted. 我很感激《365真人体育》能让这些365真人体育接受治疗 ... 我认为这是最好的事情——只是听到365真人体育自己的故事.”

Coronado has had years of practice listening to patients, especially those in the LGBTQIA+ community. 之前参加联邦, Coronado spent several years in Los Angeles volunteering with groups addressing food security needs of LGBTQIA+ community members and individuals with HIV/AIDS.

准备搬去弗吉尼亚读医学院, Coronado, 谁用he/him和they/them作代词, 不知道他们在弗吉尼亚是否能感受到和在加州一样的接受. “骄傲医学”满足了这种需要.

“当我住在洛杉矶的时候, 我的社交圈中有很大一部分人是同性恋,”Coronado表示, 谁认为自己是同性恋, 二进制和demisexual. “It was nice to know that [MedPride] existed and that I could create a space for [a part of my identity] here as well.”


LGBTQIA+个人在美国获得的医疗保健.S. 世界各地的历史也不尽相同. 这些差异中有许多是基于与耻辱相关的社会不平等, 歧视和剥夺人权. 诸如 疾病控制和预防中心U.S. 卫生与公众服务部 和 U.S. 预防服务专责小组 have identified the need for health care providers and public health professionals to remedy the health disparities facing this community.

Recommendations by these groups carry tremendous influence among doctors and help shape the way they practice medicine every day.


2019年科罗纳多来到弗吉尼亚州立大学医学院时,他们参加了由 医学与骄傲. 该学生组织寻求增强性和性别少数医科学生的能力, increase the number of physicians trained in LGBTQIA-inclusive health care and address the LGBTQIA+ community’s needs through research, 宣传和服务.

Coronado印象深刻. 从2019年到2020年,他们担任医学与骄傲的总裁. 还有集团的财务主管,y worked to increase the presence and visibility of the organization 和 students and community it serves.

科罗纳多说:“这是为了让那些认为自己是同性恋的学生看到他们的存在。. “And that's the first step in making a patient feel more comfortable — knowing they have representation in their physicians and providers.”

在这段时间里, Coronado 和 team led the group in volunteering with and inviting speakers from local organizations, 例如卫生旅, 国家基金会, 弗吉尼亚中部的平等和变性人健康联盟. 他们带365真人体育来听他们的故事. They worked to make VCU’s MedPride group the first in Virginia to establish a chapter of the national student organization, 医学生骄傲联盟. They even advised on the School of Medicine’s LGBTQIA+ curriculum to ensure it was as inclusive and representative as possible, Coronado表示.

在他们担任MedPride的学生领袖期间, 科罗纳多被邀请参加去年成立的一项新倡议:弗吉尼亚州立大学医学院 加入理事会. 该委员会为如何解决种族主义问题提供了视角和背景, other forms of discrimination and health inequities while working to turn meaningful dialogue into action and engagement.

理事会的一个倡议 今年秋天早些时候宣布的 是其就职 OUTlist, of which Coronado is a member in addition to their role as a student representative to the 加入理事会. 该名单由弗吉尼亚州立大学医学院的学生组成, 教职员工, 以及VCU健康小组成员和住院医生, 谁是LGBTQIA+社区的成员. 该名单是美国各地医学院和卫生系统中存在的资源.S. to help prospective and current students and employees get a sense for what it is like to be out at that academic medical center.

该榜单由西北大学于2020年春季编制 全美只有不到25所医学院有outlist名单, 但这个数字还在继续增长.

“The OUTlist was created to promote a positive and inclusive environment for our LGBTQIA+ employees and learners, offering an opportunity for members of this community to connect with individuals with a shared lived experience,彼得·巴克利说, M.D.他是弗吉尼亚大学医学院的院长. “We are incredibly proud of Gerald 和 加入理事会 for their dedication to the development of this resource and grateful to all our faculty, 工作人员和培训生无私地把自己的名字提交到这个名单上, increasing the visibility of our LGBTQIA+ community and of the rich diversity that each individual brings to our School of Medicine.”

Coronado has already heard from one individual interested in learning more about the queer experience at VCU and about what it’s been like increasing awareness about LGBTQIA-inclusive health care as a medical student and future physician.


While efforts in the School of Medicine are just some of the many efforts to build a more inclusive environment for all students, 弗吉尼亚州立大学——多元文化学生事务办公室的活动认可 LGBTQIA +历史月 this October are another example — Coronado expects these efforts will influence their future as a health care provider.

The opportunity with MedPride sticks out to them as a way that part of their identity has opened a door to further leadership. They’re now the regional director for the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association 和 region chair for the Council of Young Filipinx Americans in Medicine.

“正是通过MedPride、包容理事会和OUTlist提供的这些机会, 通过管理和这些团体创造了很多东西, 这让我对像这样的领导和组织更有激情,”Coronado表示.

根据他们的经验, Coronado expects when they go on to practice after graduation that they’ll continue to advocate for patients.

“这是一项重大的责任:能够为同性恋患者和广大民众争取权益, 和我身份不同的365真人体育, just learning the various issues that they’ve faced from their perspective and hearing that experience from the individuals themselves and what they wish could be different. 对不同背景或不同诊断的患者形成正确的观点, and just recognizing that a lot of these patients just need to be heard and seen as who they are and from where they're coming,”Coronado表示. “A big takeaway for me is just making sure I don't impress my own beliefs and assumptions upon a patient.”


“I just got some feedback today from one of the residents for my internal medicine inpatient rotation,”Coronado表示. “And one of the things that he commended me on was how I advocated for one of the patients who I wasn't even caring for — they were just being cared for by the team — because I made the rest of the team aware of the patient's preferred name or nickname, 以及365真人体育喜欢的代词, 在此之前,团队没有使用过哪些. 把它付诸行动真是太酷了.”